After an amazing season filled with many wins, a top 25 ranking, an NBA prospect in Cameron Payne, a 25 game win streak before losing in the OVC final on a 3pt buzzer beater, the Racers are looking in on the NCAA Tournament.


Why? Well the “committee” looks at top 50 and top 100 wins and being in the OVC doesn’t allow the Racers to pick up good regular season wins. Says the committee. Big 5 power conferences won’t schedule the Racers due to “power conference” team doesn’t earn a top 50 or 100 win historically. No TV time is another reason. Let’s be honest ESPN isn’t the showcasing the OVC and the Racers.


With all that said the Racers have earned a spot in the NCAA dance and here is why.

1. Murray State is 27-5 this season. Not many teams accomplish this number no matter what conference they play in.

2.A 25 game win streak only second to the #1 Kentucky Wildcats that ended on a buzzer beater. I don’t care what conference you play in that kind of streak should get recognized. To win the NCAA title it only takes a 6 game win streak and the Racers quadrupled that feat.

3-Cameron Payne is a beast. 20 points, 10 dimes, and 6 boards in the OVC final is a reflection of his NBA talent. Basketball fans across America would drool after seeing him play. He literally takes a game over and that’s perfect for the NCAA tourney. Remember Steph Curry, Gordon Heyward, MSU’s own Isiah Cannon? No brainer. Right?

4. The Racer fan base. They will travel if the Racers get the NCAA nod and travel deep. Yes it’s mostly a blue or red state but all Kentuckians love the round ball and know a great team when they see it.

No matter Joe Lunardi’s opinion  all will be watching Sunday evening to see if the Racers have caused enough controversy to get a bid. The Racers and their fans don’t care about what seed they get just a chance to show the rest of the basketball world what’s going on in Racerland!